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B4B INKASSO s.r.o. is a Czech family business which primarily focuses on debt collection of business receivables. The agency specializes in extrajudicial recovery as well as judicial recovery and distraint. It is a major market player in this field within the Czech Republic and the market leader in B2B debt collection in the Czech market. As a member of the Czech Association of Collection Agencies (AIA), B4B INKASSO s.r.o. makes a point of observing the AIA Code of Ethics in its business practice. AIA is made up of major Czech businesses involved in debt management and debt collection and is a member of the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA).

Extrajudicial debt recovery

Debt collection in the Czech Republic


The debt collection is done by a Czech business, well-versed in Czech legislation, operating in the Czech language and respecting Czech cultural features.

Status respect

Awareness of B4B INKASSO’s success rate makes debtors want to pay their overdue liabilities.


B4B INKASSO recovers receivables in the Czech Republic for important and renowned agencies from a number of European countries.

Fast and easy cooperation

Customers receive the initial details within 24 hours of contacting us, after which they are kept informed on a 24/7 basis through our online customer portal.

Language skills

Our communication languages are English, German, Spanish, French, Polish and Slovak.

We have been on the market for over twenty years

Interaction practice in debt recovery in the Czech Republic


A copy of the unpaid invoice

and your contact details are provided by you by means of the form below. You receive a suggested solution within 24 hours (on workdays).

+ Cost-free assessment

The suggested course of action

will be sent to you within 24 hours for your approval.

+ We understand that trust must be earned

Individual steps of extrajudicial recovery

of an amount receivable. We implement these steps, drawing on our long-term experience and our unique B4B psychological know-how, all provided in the Czech language, that is, the debtor's native language.

+ You pay nothing upfront: our remuneration is a percentage of the amount recovered.

Debt payment

is credited to the client's bank account (in about 95 % of collection cases).

+ Efficiency of collection procedures honed over the years

Judicial recovery and distraint

are involved only where the extrajudicial recovery has failed. Before that, you will receive a report from us assessing the debtor's creditworthiness and probability rate for collection of your amount receivable using their assets.

+ 24/7 access to information, fast, simple and time-saving cooperation

Does anyone owe you money?

Preventive collection consultancy

The best overdue receivables are those that do not arise at all. And if they do, then best if they are collected in time. To achieve this, our consultancy service is available to all B2B companies. It is geared towards corporations with a turnover in billions employing their own system of debt management as well as small businesses and sole traders who rarely face unpaid invoices.


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B4B INKASSO s.r.o.

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Identification number: 26794845 VAT registration: CZ26794845

The company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court of Commerce in Ostrava, section C, file 25460.

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